Want to know which colours and clothes really suit you? Talk to Ruth!

Ruth Murphy of Positive Image offers a personal and corporate image consultancy service, focusing on style consultation, colour analysis, personal shopping, wardrobe weeding, styling and makeovers plus make-up lessons.

First impressions are lasting and you have approximately 90 seconds to impress someone when you first meet them.  93% of how someone forms their opinion of you is initially based on non verbal communication and of that 93% 55% is based on your visual image or how you are dressed.


There are 4 attributes to being well dressed and all 4 are based on your Colouring, Body Shape, Lifestyle and Personality.  As an Image Consultant of 31 years it is a privilege to help people to look and feel great while spending less time energy and money when shopping.

For further information contact Ruth today by phone on (086) 226 3951, by email at info@positiveimage.ie or by filling out the contact form here

Colour Analysis

Colour analysis is all about determining what colours work well with your skin, eye and hair tone. Discover colours you might never have considered and ditch the ones that don’t suit you.

Full Image Consultation

Have you a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear? Discover how to combine colours that not only suit you but also suit each other so you have more options and less clothes.

Learn to select styles and textures that flatter your body shape, proportion, and height while reflecting your personality.

Source and plan shopping trip so that you are focused and not drawn into more useless purchases.

Personal Shopping

Shop for a capsule wardrobe or simply update existing wardrobe with some new looks.