Personal Shopping & Wardrobe Weeding

  • Clear away what does not suit you, leaving only clothes that flatter and can be co-ordinated with future purchases
  • Update existing wardrobe purchases with some new looks
  • Source and plan shopping trips so that you are focused and not drawn into more useless purchases
  • Shop for a capsule wardrobe and something for that special occasion

Ruth’s Personal Shopping service can be tailored to your individual needs – whether you need a “capsule wardrobe” for work, a fabulous outfit for a special occasion, help getting your wedding party co-ordinated, or if you just want to be sure that what you’re buying will make you look your best.

Fee: €130 per hour


“In the past I often had the stress of worrying about what to wear the next day for work.

Now, I have a selection of things to wear that I really like, so much less stress in the morning!

Ruth goes above and beyond with her service, and is friendly and approachable and very easy to work with, even for people who really hate clothes shopping!

I get compliments all the time now on my clothes / bag / shoes from my partner, from friends and often from strangers. I really love the clothes that we pick out. She respects my style while always suggesting one thing that pushes me out of my comfort zone, so I’m constantly learning what works and adding new things to my repertoire. I feel confident wearing my clothes now and can focus on the job at hand at work or socially without worrying about how I look. Going from worrying about what to wear to having clothes that make me feel fantastic has been a real step change. I’d recommend Ruth’s service in a heart beat.”


“Ruth, thank you so much for the shopping trip. I had a great time showing off all the nice pieces I bought. I learned so much in a short space of time about what clothes and colours go together.

Thanks again”


“Re Shopping trip: I got great value from my three hours spent shopping with Ruth.

I picked up lovely pieces which made the most of my better features(I didn’t know I had so many!!)

I learned how to dress with a touch of class using High Street names mixed with more expensive brands.

Ruth also found some suitable pieces of jewelry after our day out and let me know where they were so I could pick them up easily.

Great service and money well spent.”


“Ballynahinch Castle is an individual property. With its own character we wanted that to come across in our reception team. We are a group of individuals and in that regard did not want a one style fills all uniform.

However we did want our colleagues to dress in a manner that reflected the ethos of the property while still expressing their own personality.

We thought this was going to be a big problem or so we thought!

Ruth was recommended by a colleague and we all headed to Dublin to her studio for a group workshop which was not only great fun but very informative and we received great advise. Immediately after the workshop we went on a shopping trip with Ruth where we got to use the advice received that morning in making selections from the rails.

Now the team are dressing to suit their colouring, their character and not just look great and professional but are more confident.

We are looking forward to a follow up session soon!”

Carol Hinch, Sales & Marketing Manager, Ballynahinch Castle Hotel, Connemara.