Full Image Consultation for Men

Confused by colour?

Ever looked in the mirror and felt dull & tired?

Want to wear more colours but not sure which ones suit you or how to wear them?

By showing you what is special about your natural colouring and build, and by taking your personality into account, Ruth’s Image Consultation will give you simple guidelines to help you make the correct choices, faster.

A men’s image consultation includes information on:

  • selecting shades that complement your natural colouring and enhance your appearance
  • combining colours and patterns for formal, business casual or just casual wear
  • how colours influence the way you look and feel, as well as how others respond to you
  • the best options for jackets, shirts and trousers for your build
  • getting the right fit
  • developing a co-ordinated wardrobe, ensuring that you get value for money out of any clothing investments
  • how your hair, accessories and eyewear can affect your image
  • how you can be more focused shopping

This consultation includes a personal colour wallet with 36-42 colour swatches and plus a personalised style workbook using Image Matters for men .

A personal shopping trip is an optional extra.

Session Essentials

When you wear colours that complement your natural colouring you look younger, healthier and feel more confident. During your colour consultation you will discover which of Colour Me Beautiful’s dominant palettes is right for you and how to wear your colours in more interesting and flattering combinations to give you the power factor.

Ruth will advise you on what your neutral colours are and how they work best for suits, jackets and trousers. You’ll then be shown how you can use ‘accent colours’ for ties shirts and accessories etc so that you look interesting as well as looking your best.

In the Style section of the consultation you will learn how to make the most of your body shape.

Advice will cover tailoring, clothing styles, fabrics & patterns, as well as suits, shirts, jackets and accessories, and places to shop.

We encourage clients to bring garments from their own wardrobe to the consultation so that you can see in practice what you have learnt throughout the consultation. We also ask you to bring your ties with you as they are a most important part of your wardrobe and they need to be right – we will look through these and show you what works and what won’t.

A detailed copy of Image matters for Men and personalised notes and advice is included. You will leave more focused with the confidence of knowing what works for your personal style and how to choose the right clothes for you – no matter what shape, size or age you are.

Duration: 2.5 hours

Consultation Fee: €400


“What makes Ruth great as a personal shopper is how she instinctively knows the colours that best suit the individual, mixed with genuine enthusiasm for her customer and her bubbly outgoing personality that ensures you are at ease from the very beginning”


“Wary of bold colour combinations because of my red hair, I went for a Colour Analysis session with Ruth, who gave me an incredible palette of colours to work with as well as the confidence to mix them together. I can now see the difference between the reds, blues and greens which suit me and those that don’t.

As a graduate moving out into the working world I also wanted to make sure that every purchase I made counted, so I took a Personal Shopping trip with Ruth. I left the shops with stunning outfits and invaluable experience in putting together a versatile wardrobe. Don’t go shopping without her!”


“As I entered a new job which required me to wear suits daily, I was a bewildered on how to intelligently make a substantial investment in business wear. Luckily, Ruth gave me all the guidance I needed. In my Full Image Consultation, Ruth gave me very clear guidance on the shapes, colours and styles of clothes that would help me look my best, allowing me to shop with confidence in the future. After using that guidance and shopping on my own, I asked Ruth to go Personal Shopping with me to make my final decisions, which was an excellent choice.

She has a personal relationship with some of the finest retailers in Dublin and took all the pressure out of buying a suit, which can often be a pushy and anxiety-filled endeavour. After just three hours, I had a capsule wardrobe that pushed my style forward but still kept me comfortable and confident in what I was wearing. I would recommend Ruth to anyone who wants to spend their time and money wisely and effectively on a wardrobe that will last them for years to come.”