Client Testimonials

“I am not long home from the most uplifting and empowering experience with Ruth and Positive Image. I was apprehensive arriving but as soon as Ruth opened the door I felt so comfortable. She was so informative and knowledgeable.

“I learned about colours, tones and make-up tips but mostly I learned about myself and the confidence clothes and the right colour choice can bring, This experience is something I would recommend to anyone to explore with Ruth as I feel that going forward I can be more selective, sustainable and confident when it comes to wearing and buying clothes that suit me.

“It was such a self-care experience with Ruth this afternoon and I would highly recommend to anyone. Thank you Ruth!”

Ruth Wolohan, 40, Co Wicklow

“My body shape has changed over the years, and I struggled with finding the right clothes and colours. Shopping felt like a chore, and I never enjoyed it. Then, I had a session with Ruth to get my colours done and refresh my wardrobe. My brief was for low maintenance, comfortable, and elegant outfits, and Ruth nailed it! In just three hours, we picked out a versatile mix-and-match wardrobe, and had lots of fun. Now, I feel much more comfortable and have great outfits that are easy to put together. Thanks to Ruth, I enjoy dressing up every day!”

Ciara, early 30s, Dublin

“I had the pleasure of visiting Ruth hoping for some guidance on my colour and style. Ruth was warm and welcoming. She immediately put me at ease, and her professionalism was evident throughout our consultation.

“With a keen eye for detail, she effortlessly assessed my personal style and provided expert guidance on color palettes and fashion choices. I mentioned an upcoming wedding and she exceeded my expectations with her help and recommendations of web links and shops best suited to my style.

“Needless to say Ruth gave me the confidence to find a fabulous piece, she is a consummate professional and an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to elevate their personal image. I look forward to returning for some personal shopping!”


“After having kids I felt as if I had forgotten who I used to be in terms of style, and at the same time I had no idea who the new me is.”

“Ruth helped me figure out my colour palette, body shape and face shape. She gave me brilliant ideas on items I might need and what to look for when I go shopping. I keep the little colour palette in my handbag so it is there when I’m out and about.”

“Shopping for clothes is a lot less overwhelming but I am definitely getting Ruth to come with me and help me pick items that truly fit!”


“My experience with Ruth was amazing from start to finish, she was so accommodating, helpful and kind and i would recommend her to anyone. She really helped me find confidence in myself and made me feel like I actually got to understand myself more. Thank you again Ruth, i couldn’t have asked for a better experience”

Megan ❤️

“I had the most fabulous day out with Ruth. From start to finish it was a five star experience – it felt like being in a movie! Ruth has an incredible eye and makes sure to pick clothes that reflect your personality. She makes you look and feel your best self. I feel great after the day out, re-re-energised!”


My husband bought me an afternoon with Ruth to help me with colours and style for my birthday. Apart from being extremely friendly and easy to talk to, Ruth is extremely concise in what colours suit or don’t. She certainly pulls no punches and is very honest with what looks good or not. She knows her fashion well and can size up her clients easily and with expertise and professionalism. But best of all, she pre-picks what might suit you so that there is no rushing from shop to shop.

For me I found Ruth introduced me to brands and styles I would never have chosen for myself and that really suited me so much better.

Thanks again Ruth, for all your help


“It´s always a bit daunting to consider a makeover in personal style especially when you have moved from a different environment and your body shape has changed over the years. I was concerned that maybe Ruth would not understand the look I was hoping to achieve or that she would select colours I hated … in other words, I was very much out of my comfort zone when I agreed to meet with her for that first consultation and then follow up with a shopping trip. Clearly I shouldn’t have worried!

Ruth is a true professional and understands the emotional impact that having a well-fitting and flattering wardrobe can have on your own self-esteem and confidence. She’s a great listener and communicator and was so willing to go the extra mile, reserving items and offering advice even after our time together was up.

I will definitely be using her again in the future (to update and add as the seasons change) and I am so relieved that she is there to help me wade through all the confusing colors and styles out there and really find the best options for me. I love wearing my new clothes and constantly get compliments! Shopping has been made fun again! Thank you Ruth xxx”


“Before I saw Ruth last month, I was in a rut. I am in my early 40s and I have a professional job that I love, but it keeps me very busy. I do not have the time, nor the motivation to shop. I didn’t know what looked nice on me, what was appropriate for my age, or how to appear professional while also being comfortable. I am starting a new job where the stakes are high, and even though I have a wardrobe full of clothes, I had nothing to wear. I was desperate for help. I decided to opt for the ‘full package’ where I learned about my best colours and shapes that flatter my frame. Ruth is an expert with years of experience; she is direct, yet kind. I appreciated her willingness to share so much information with me, and to listen and adapt her recommendations to my concerns.

“At the end of the session, I realised that I was doing everything wrong! Wrong colours, wrong shapes, and wrong style for my age. I went home and donated the vast majority of my clothes to charity shops and began to build a new wardrobe with beautiful and colourful clothes that I love. Although I was successful shopping on my own, I asked for Ruth’s help at Arnott’s. When I arrived in the personal shopping area, everything was ready for me to try on; I felt no pressure to purchase, yet after three hours, my wardrobe is nearly complete. I now spend less time shopping and when I do, I know exactly what to purchase. But perhaps of even greater importance, I now have a newfound confidence. I feel armed with the right knowledge and I feel stronger and more beautiful. Thank you Ruth!”


“Ruth provided excellent wardrobe clear out and personal shopping services for a new work wardrobe. Her experience, insight and engaging approach ensured that it was both a transformative and enjoyable experience”


“Hi Ruth,
I just wanted to drop you note to say THANK YOU. I feel like I’ve been watching a black and white telly ..and now I can see in COLOUR!

I’ve really had my eyes opened and I can’t tell you the joy of walking into a shop and looking at, and actually trying on things I would have previously walked by in favourite of the black/white/grey items.

Thanks again, its been so worthwhile getting my colours done…and this is just the start :)”


“My mother arranged a consultation with Ruth for me as a gift for my twenty – first birthday. I didn’t know what to expect at all, and yet, I couldn’t have been more pleasantly surprised! Before Ruth had welcomed me into her beautiful home, I had despised shopping, which had been an altogether stressful experience for me. I had wasted money on poor choices of colour and style. Ruth has since given me the knowledge and the confidence to buy clothes that I know suit my colour and my shape, and to spend my money wisely, instead of throwing it down the drain. I’ve already recommended Ruth to all of my friends, and I’d recommend her to anyone else. A truly enlightening experience that I will be forever grateful for!”

Kelly x

“What a successful and enjoyable day out. My first experience with an image Consultant, and I’ve learned so much about colours which suit me best. Can’t wait for the next step..the big shopping experience with Ruth. Thank you Ruth :)”


“I wish to thank Ruth for her help, knowledge and support when shopping for a petite wedding dress.. Ruth guided me with colours for clothes and make up which will benefit me in work and for the wedding. I would definitely recommend Ruth to friends and family.”


“I am absolutely charmed with the new wardrobe of amazing clothes Ruth found for me. I have two interviews for senior positions and I feel so very confident going into them due to my really great outfits that have been much admired by my daughters who are hard to impress! Thanks a million, Ruth!”

Orla x

“I had never been overly confident in how I looked but Ruth has absolutely made me feel like a million dollars and the compliments have just been rolling in! Her approach just makes sense, and her understanding of how to make someone look and feel incredible no matter what their age, shape, size or colouring is close to miraculous! I don’t think I could have anticipated quite how fantastic it is to step out of the house every day knowing I’m looking my best.”


“I had the pleasure of a shopping trip with Ruth as well as colour analysis with my mother. We both thoroughly enjoyed it and learned lots. We both will be making better colour selections in the future. I love the items purchased. Ruth is an absolute pleasure to work with and would highly recommend her.”

Marie Wynne

“My very first impression of Ruth from Positive Image was that of an extremely professional, glamorous and very honest lady explaining how she can bring a change into your life from the outside. However she was very realistic at the same time in order to meet your expectations.

On a professional note, Ruth went above and beyond to ensure the corporate image of the company I work for was consistent, professional. She went above and beyond for the team while ensuring all staff were completely at ease and comfortable with their new look.

On a personal note, she helped my mum feel and look a million dollars after coming through the other side of chemo therapy and to those who can relate, you know that kind of help and uplift is simply priceless. When Ruth enters your life, the sun comes out!”


“In the past I often had the stress of worrying about what to wear the next day for work.

Now, I have a selection of things to wear that I really like, so much less stress in the morning!

Ruth goes above and beyond with her service, and is friendly and approachable and very easy to work with, even for people who really hate clothes shopping!

I get compliments all the time now on my clothes / bag / shoes from my partner, from friends and often from strangers. I really love the clothes that we pick out. She respects my style while always suggesting one thing that pushes me out of my comfort zone, so I’m constantly learning what works and adding new things to my repertoire. I feel confident wearing my clothes now and can focus on the job at hand at work or socially without worrying about how I look. Going from worrying about what to wear to having clothes that make me feel fantastic has been a real step change. I’d recommend Ruth’s service in a heart beat.”


“I came to Ruth dressed in greys and feeling blue. I am now wearing pinks, loving dresses and feeling great! Ruth gave me the confidence to try on styles I would never have considered and colours I would never have thought of. She pushed me gently into recognising that I could look and feel brighter and better- and I do!

As a positive side effect from my makeover I decided that if I could looked that good – I could look even better and have lost weight so that my new image is sleeker as well.

Ruth’s advice on makeup finished off my new look and I have had a very positive response to the new me – but best of all I feel lighter, brighter and much more confident.”


‘I first met Ruth 18 years ago about 3 months after having my 2nd baby. Ruth did my colours and a makeover which not only restored my confidence but improved it 100%.

Throughout the years Ruth has picked amazing clothes for me some for special occasions and others to update my wardrobe and although at the time it sometimes seemed expensive, in the long term it saved me a fortune.I can honestly say any clothes I bought with Ruth have stood the test of time and I still feel amazing in them even after 10 or 15 years also I still get complimented about them.

Sometimes Ruth would pick an outfit for me that I would be hesitant about but I would always end up feeling so good in it and get so many compliments that I would be so thankful for listening to Ruth.I recently had a big interview which I was very nervous about. When I put on the suit Ruth choose for me plus the fabulous accessories she lent me I felt so confident and guess what I GOT THE JOB.

Ruth Murphy is not only an amazing personal shopper but a wonderful kind lady with a hilarious sense of humour and a fantastic ability to boost your confidence. I am so glad I know Ruth’

x Mary

“re Update Session

I had my colours done more than 20 years ago. In order to spruce up my wardrobe I booked an Update Session with Ruth where I discovered the following…..

1. my best colour palette had changed quite a bit (age related I think!)

2. there are very simple ways of introducing new clear colours to my existing wardrobe

3. using scarves, jewelry and accessories in the right way can update and bring a touch of class to your look without huge cost.

The follow up service that Ruth gives is top class and I found the whole experience a great way to reverse recession depression!!!”

Sarah (Wicklow)

“Ruth has done a series of workshops for the male and female members Connect People Network (CPN) this year. (The CPN is a non-profit, voluntary organisation that promotes the friendships, relationships and sexuality rights of people with intellectual disabilities). These workshops were a massive success!! The feedback from participants was excellent and everybody felt that they left with good, practical information to help us be the best that we can be. The effect was true to the name of the company: “Positive”! Ruth is a great communicator who instantly captures her audience and leaves people feeling optimistic and excited about themselves! We were really impressed by Ruth’s professionalism, dedication and care for her audience. She is always willing to go the extra mile to make sure that everybody leaves her workshop with a bit of individualised, life changing information! She has also invested extra time in helping us to make information more accessible and concrete for future workshops. Working with Ruth has been a real feel-good experience!”

Elzaan Goosen, Chairperson of the CPN (2010)

“Ruth has been delivering ‘Professionalism at Work’ workshops for Deloitte since 2009. Ruth has a lovely relaxed style that immediately puts participants at ease. She has worked with both new graduates and also with employees with many years experience. Feedback is consistently excellent from the workshops and I would highly recommend Ruth, she is extremely professional and a pleasure to work with.”

Mary Collins – Head of Talent Development, Deloitte.

“The Women in Banking & Finance in Ireland enjoyed an excellent evening’s presentation from Ruth in relation to making the most of your wardrobe in these recessionary times. Ruth also showed us the latest catwalk trends and how to bring a suit from the office to a night out. All the ladies enjoyed the presentation and the helpful tips and ideas including a style personality quiz.”

Margaret, Bank of Ireland

“Coming to Ruth was the best personal investment I have made. I have a greater level of self-confidence and regularly receive compliments on how I look.”

Margaret, Trainer, Dublin

“I used to hate shopping for clothes! I never seemed to know what style suited my body shape and always used to buy safe but boring outfits.

When I went on my first shopping trip with Ruth Murphy, I really didn’t know what to expect. I met her in Arnott’s at ten o clock – she had arrived earlier to gather prospective outfits for me to try on – two hours later we were enjoying a cup of coffee, while I wondered how I managed to get a brown trouser suit, green skirt suit, beaded top, grey trousers, red jacket, winter coat, two pairs of shoes, tights and matching handbag all without a moment of fuss!

That was six years ago and I have never looked back! Every year I book another shopping trip with Ruth, and add to my “capsule wardrobe” as she has renamed my collection of clothing. Some of the garments I bought on that first shopping trip still look as good today and I team them up with the latest purchases.

Our last trip was last week – we have managed to get this annual shopping expedition down to an hour flat – and in that space of time I bought a wedding outfit, summer suit, trouser suit, party dress, leather jacket and matching shoes…

All the more time to drink coffee!”

Karen, Dublin

“Re Shopping trip: I got great value from my three hours spent shopping with Ruth.

I picked up lovely pieces which made the most of my better features(I didn’t know I had so many!!)

I learned how to dress with a touch of class using High Street names mixed with more expensive brands.

Ruth also found some suitable pieces of jewelry after our day out and let me know where they were so I could pick them up easily.

Great service and money well spent.”


“What makes Ruth great as a personal shopper is how she instinctively knows the colours that best suit the individual, mixed with genuine enthusiasm for her customer and her bubbly outgoing personality that ensures you are at ease from the very beginning.”


“Ruth has an amazing talent and eye for detail; not only does she review colours which are most suited to you but also your shape your personal style, in a way which makes your feel as if you are being brave but not too brave.

Whether you choose to have a colour consultation, style consultation, personal shopping or wardrobe weed, you will find Ruth’s guidance refreshing. What I particularly liked was Ruth’s honesty and different perspective on how clothes looked on me.

Ruth arms you with the tools you need to make choosing your style easy. She also instils in you a confidence, which stays with you and grows.”


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