Full Image Consultation

Can’t get your wardrobe to work for you?

Want a new, more colourful, more flattering look?

The Full Image Consultation is a makeover including all the colour, style and make-up help you need.

When you are wearing the right colours, your skin looks healthier and your eyes are brighter. Understanding what colours complement your natural colouring, you can save money and you will always look your best.

When you know what styles and colours suit you best, shopping is faster, more focused, easier plus you avoid wasting money on clothes you never wear.

A colour swatch wallet is included as a guide for choosing clothes, accessories and makeup.

What a full image consultation will show you:

  • why certain shades complement your natural colouring more than others
  • how to wear and combine colours to achieve the looks you want
  • how to make your wardrobe more versatile and make it work for you
  • how to best wear the colours you already have
  • how to achieve a discreet, everyday make-up look that suits you & your personality
  • how to avoid shopping disasters
  • how to select the most flattering styles for your body shape
  • how to achieve your best fit every time when buying clothes
  • how to express your personality through your wardrobe
  • how to develop a co-ordinated wardrobe with less clothes more outfits
  • how to focus during shopping – reducing time and frustration
  • how to dress with confidence, whatever the occasion
  • how to choose glasses

Session Essentials

When you wear colours that complement your natural colouring you look younger, healthier and feel more confident. During your colour consultation you will discover which of Colour Me Beautiful’s new palettes is right for you and how to wear your colours in more interesting and flattering combinations to give your outfit the WOW factor. You will be shown how to reproduce a discreet but effective, everyday makeup look. A wallet containing up to 36-42 fabric swatches is included as a guide for shopping to keep you on the right track.

I encourage clients to bring pieces of clothing from their own wardrobe to the consultation – some things you like, and some you don’t – so that you can see in practice what you have learnt throughout your style consultation.

A detailed Style Workbook with personalised notes and advice is included in the consultation. You will leave more focused with the confidence of knowing what works for your personal style and how to choose the right clothes for you – no matter what shape, size or age you are.

This is a 3 hour session which includes colour analysis and style.

Consultation Fee: €400

Full Image Consultation Testimonials

“When I first met Ruth I knew I was in good hands, this lady knows style!

“My appointment was very informative and helpful. I was surprised to learn that my colours and shape are different than I thought. I’m going to have much more fun shopping now that I’ll be looking at things from a different perspective and venturing out and trying new things! I also left feeling more confident in things I was a little insecure about.

“Ruth really knows her stuff and even predicted the outcome of my style quiz. She has an eye for detail and tailors her approach to each person’s individual style and gives them confidence in enhancing their features. She’s a warm and friendly lady and the afternoon I spent with her was a pleasure.”


“Miraculous doesn’t account for how amazing Ruth is. her magical flair when styling is a trait that is most sought after in the fashion industry. She is welcoming, kind and, more importantly, genuine. Her attention to detail will grasp your inner fashionista and she will transform you into a new enlightened woman!”

“I cannot recommend Ruth enough. She has led me in a new direction feeling happy, confident, and sexy with my new knowledge of colour analysis, shape, and clothing styles.”

Gemma x

“Ruth was able to guide me in a very empathetic way to understand the best colors for my skin tone and the best style of clothes for my body shape. She also helped me with makeup and jewelry. I now have a summer wardrobe that is versatile, lovely and suits my personality. I am so happy with all the compliments I am getting. Thanks Ruth, I just couldn’t recommend you more highly.”