Autumn / Winter 2015 – Top Three Coat Styles For Autumn

Transitional Outwear For The New Season

Getting dressed at this time of year can be tricky. Days start out cold and crisp but end warm and sunny, frequent bouts of rain necessitate outerwear but it’s not time for your Winter coat just yet. What to do?

Thick layers, hats and heavy coats are still several weeks away but in the meantime you may be looking for some transitional outwear to keep out the chill whilst we move from Summer into Autumn.

Here we showcase three top choices for Autumn 2015…

aw05The Coatigan

This year’s must-have outerwear is the coatigan.

Providing warmth as well as the opportunity to add some colours to your wardrobe, a coatigan is the perfect weekend cover-up.

Who Can Wear It?

The cocoon shape and soft fabrics of coatigans will look great on Oval body shapes whilst those with Natural style personalities will love the loose fit and casual nature of this style.

Due to the relaxed fit of most coatigans it is likely you’ll be hiding your body shape a little underneath so opt for something that perfectly complements your colouring to ensure your skin glows and your eyes sparkle!

aw06The Trench

In our opinion there is nothing more timeless and elegant than a trench coat year-round. A staple of many women’s wardrobes for decades now, the classic cut and understated simplicity of a trench coat will never go out of style.

Who Can Wear It?

A trench coat in a stiff fabric will be better suited to straighter body shapes like Rectangles and Triangles.

Those of you with Hourglass figures should opt for a version in a softer fabric that will work with your curves.

The belt detail will show off a small waist but beware of too many pockets or large lapels if you have a large bust.

aw07The Cape

The ideal layering piece for the season – the cape epitomises grown-up sophistication and is sure to give you an air of elegance and authority wherever you wear it.

Whether worn with a sleek pair of cigarette pants and stilettos or denim and boots, a cape will add a touch of glamour to your look as you sweep through the seasons.

Who Can Wear It?

Capes look fabulous on those who are grand in stature as they tend be to quite voluminous, so you need some height to carry them off. That being said, if you’re petite simply go for a fabric that is slightly lighter in weight and cut more neatly so you don’t get swamped.

Add some colour to your look with your cape – this season they come in all shades and patterns, some even have fabulous faux fur trims to really up the glam factor!

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