Let’s talk about curves!

Because we can’t all wear those itsy-bitsy bikinis (because we’re all built quite differently). It’s all about finding the right shape and having a few tricks up your sleeve. Crack that and you can look as good as this!


Firstly, a large bust needs support so a good thick strap and a bit of help with the cups is a must. An inner mesh lining will do wonders to smooth the tummy area. Ruching across the tum is also flattering. If you love your legs, don’t be afraid to opt for a higher cut, it will make those pins appear as if they go on for ever.

Now for the magic. The zig-zag pattern in this swimsuit gives the appearance of a waist and diverts attention away from any not so perfect bits. Stay away from one block colour, you want to trick the eye so instead look for big bold patterns and designs. These are the kind of tips that you will receive at a consultation or at one of my ‘Looking Cool or Cruel by the Pool’ pre-Summer workshops!

Make 2018 the year you feel body confident.

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