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Everything I own is navy! I’d like to inject some more colour. but I’m wary of anything too bright…

When you’re used to wearing a particular colour it can seem daunting to add in other shades.

Try combining navy with some of the other neutrals in your palette (like Shell, Stone and Soft White), these colours offer contrast but aren’t too bright.

Once you’re used to wearing lighter shades you could then move on to adding one of your accent colours in the form of an accessory, like a colourful belt, bag or bold lip.


I’d like to invest in a new bag for Spring/Summer, which style should I go for?

Naturals rejoice! The humble backpack is THE bag shape this Spring/Summer.

We particularly love this Longchamp Le Pilage Backpack (pictured) which comes in a range of colours to ensure it works with your palette!


I am a guest at four weddings this Summer but can’t afford a new outfit for each one! Help!

Rather than opting for a dress, which can really only be worn once, why not invest in a beautiful skirt, like this one from Coast?

You can then add tops in different accent colours for the various weddings you’re attending and accessorise with different jewellery and shoes. This way you can create several different looks at a fraction of the cost it would be to purchase four completely different outfits!

Image consultant Ruth Murphy can show you how to combine all of the above into a look that is uniquely yours – contact Ruth today

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