Sequins: a winter must-have

Sequins are like little rays of sunshine in the winter but how much of them you want to wear will depend on your personal preferences and what suits you.

sequinsAll over sequin
If you are going to invest in a sequin dress then you need to be confident that you look good in it. Choose the right style and an appropriate length. Smaller sequins are easier to wear and less rigid on curvy figures than the bigger paillettes. The Republic Miso dress is high glam but the long sleeves keep it elegant.

Separates and embellishment
You want the sequins to set off your outfit so you might choose a simple top, a little shrug or find something with embellishment on it. Do remember that sequins will be the most eye-catching part of your outfit so be sure to wear them on a flattering part of your body! The Gray & Osbourn black sequin top is simple but effective.

Which shade?
Consider your skin tone: warmer skin tones are better with gold, bronze and copper shades. Cool, pinkish skin tones look better in silver, white or black. Alternatively, find sequins in one of your best colours.

Link to Rebublic Miso

Link to Gray & Osbourn

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